Q&A with Luis Jaime Castillo: National Geographic Archaeologist

Check out this fascinating Q&A with SPI Archaeologist Luis Jaime Castillo on National Geographic:


“I think that everyone has to find a niche where they can make a difference, and doing seriously what we do makes a difference, transforms lives, makes the world a better place.”

-Luis Jaime Castillo


Pampas Gramalote Gourds Now Available on NOVICA!

The day has arrived! You’ve been checking out our photos of the week featuring the carved gourds of local artisans at our project in Pampas Gramalote, Peru, and wishing you could get your hands on one. Now you can (without even leaving your office chair)! As promised in an earlier post, the artisanal gourds of SPI supported master artisan Ivan Cruz are now available online at NOVICA. In association with National Geographic, NOVICA is a new global platform for local artisans from around the globe to sell their artistic treasures.

Click here to peruse the gourds of Pampas Gramalote on NOVICA.

Stay tuned: the work of other SPI artisans to follow!

Pampas Gramalote in National Geographic

In September, National Geographic reported on the discovery of an ancient mass grave of children and llamas uncovered by Yale archaeologist Oscar Gabriel Prieto and his team in Pampas Gramalote, Peru. Prieto is the most recent recipient of an SPI grant, with which he’ll be able to implement our paradigm for preservation, which uniquely focuses on the people of the local community, not just the stones of the nearby archaeological site (as most other preservation efforts do).

Check out National Geographic’s extraordinary photos of the mass grave here: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2011/09/pictures/110926-child-sacrifice-llamas-science-peru-chimu-inca-burials#/children-camelids-sacrificed-peru-painted-skull_40810_600x450.jpg

Check back in for updates on our project at Pampas Gramalote! We’ll be posting on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/SustainablePreservation) and Twitter (SPInitiative) as well!