SPI is named “Charity of the Month” by Mata Traders

Happy New Year!

SPI is honored to be named Mata Traders’s “Charity of the Month” in recognition for our outstanding work empowering impoverished communities and saving cultural heritage sites. Our projects provide a 2-for-1 benefit: They bring sustainable income to poor communities while saving cultural heritage sites for future generations to study and enjoy! (Click here for more information)

For the entire month of January, Mata Traders will donate 10% of all orders made with the code ‘SPI’ to our organization, while you receive 10% off your purchases! The money raised will go toward funding our two new projects at Bandurria and Chotuna-Chornancap, Peru.


We are thrilled to receive this recognition from Mata Traders, a Fair Trade company that offers vintage-inspired women’s apparel made from handmade fabrics and materials. All their products are made by women’s cooperatives and artisan groups that train, employ, and empower women in poverty. Click here for Mata Traders Shopping!

By partnering together, we can provide a sustainable income to poor communities, save cultural heritage sites, and empower women in poverty around the world!



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