Celebrating Cultural Heritage through Education: SPI Inspires More Work in San Jose de Moro, Peru

by Yasmin Hamed

SPI’s initiative at San Jose de Moro is inspiring other work in the community! In recent months, Claudia Vargas Ortiz de Zevallos, educator at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, has been conducting research into the strategies used in primary education to develop Mochica cultural identity in local students. Seeing local entrepreneurs embrace their cultural heritage through SPI’s unique paradigm of economic development and preservation, Claudia was inspired to study the relationship between the local community’s schools and their cultural heritage.  The results of her work will hopefully allow schools to diagnose the type and variety of activities needed by the teachers to promote the cultural identity of their students. We are proud to announce that San José de Moro’s own primary center will be the pilot school for the province, and Claudia plans to extend her work to the community of Chotuna-Chornancap, one of SPI’s newest “People Not Stones” project sites.

Educator Claudia Vargas presenting her research to Carlos Wester La Torre, head of excavations at Chotuna-Chornancap, Peru.

Here at SPI, we have seen the real effects of a change in attitudes toward cultural identity through embracing local cultural heritage. We are delighted that our work in this community has prompted even more research into the area of cultural heritage and refocused attention on San Jose de Moro as a result. We can’t wait to see the results of Claudia’s work, which will hopefully see future generations of local residents preserving their archaeological site and promoting their cultural heritage through traditional artisan crafts.


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