San Jose de Moro, Peru: Next Stop off the Pan-American Highway!

Having reached complete economic sustainability in just one year of operations, our project at San Jose de Moro, Peru, is looking to expand its reach and attract more tourists with whom to share its rich cultural heritage. How to draw more visitors to this difficult-to-find archaeological site? By constructing a brand new entrance off the Pan-American Highway, Peru’s most important thoroughfare, which runs from Alaska to the lower reaches of South America.

Architects Jose Canziani (center) and Paulo Dam (left), and SPI Archaeologist Solsire Cusicanqui (right) discuss plans for the new entrance to San Jose de Moro.

Over the weekend, SPI archaeologists Luis Jaime Castillo and Solsire Cusicanqui met with the Mayors of Chepen and Pacanga to discuss the project further, presenting them with architectural plans of the new entrance, recently completed by architects Jose Canziani (featured in a recent Photo of the Week) and Paulo Dam. As yet another example of the transforming attitudes of the area toward cultural heritage, the local governments of Chepen and Pacanga have agreed to sponsor the entrance, San Jose de Moro’s newest endeavor in cultural tourism!

Plan for the new entrance from the Pan-American highway.

“This architectural project will drive the economic and social
development in the zone. Its strategic location, next to the Pan-American Highway, will motivate visitors to enter the site as well as sustainably enriching the public space of the town,” said Cusicanqui.

We look forward to seeing more visitors to northern Peru share in San Jose de Moro’s cultural treasures while contributing to the sustainable income of the community!


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