SPI Hits Conferences Around Peru

by Solsire Cusicanqui

Last week, SPI traveled the length of Peru to promote its work at the country’s most important archaeological conferences. First, we hit the city of Ica in southern Peru for the Conference of the Paracas-Nasca Cultures, which brought together more than 100 attendees.

Next, SPI traveled north to the capital for the country’s inaugural Conference of Lima Culture, hosted by the Lima Museum of Art (MALI). SPI sponsored the event, which was organized by YaleUniversity and the University of Maine. The event attracted over 200 attendees, including our Peruvian representative, Solsiré Cusicanqui, who was invited to give a presentation about our projects which save sites by transforming lives. The attendees received SPI grant applications and informational brochures about our projects. They also had the opportunity to purchase items created by our artisans in the MALI gift store, which, in order to feature these beautiful works of art, has signed a contract with our local artisans.

We concluded the week with the Conference of the Huari Culture, held in the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú). Here, over 100 conference participants heard about our grants and projects that preserve cultural heritage sites by investing in locally-created and -owned businesses whose success is tied to the preservation of the site.

We hope that our presence at these conferences will inform more Peruvian archaeologists about our projects and encourage them to apply for our grants, which empower local communities to embrace their cultural heritage as an economic asset.


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