Promising Beginnings for Pampas Gramalote

On June 1st, the community of Huanchaco inaugurated its new artisan store sponsored by the Sustainable Preservation Initiative, the Pampas Gramalote Archaeological Project, and the Municipality of Huanchaco!

Located in the nearby town of Huanchaco, the store is one of a three part project to create local jobs and businesses whose success is tied to the preservation of the archaeological site of Pampas Gramalote, where SPI archaeologist Gabriel Prieto discovered the remains of an 800-year old child sacrifice.

The inauguration comes after much hard work and several events, including a 2-month workshop where artisans-in-training received instruction on gourd drying, carving, and decoration by master artisan Ivan Cruz as well as the finer points of brushstrokes and sketching by famous local painter Pedro Anhuaman. Students also visited Huaca de la Luna, a large adobe structure believed to be the ancient Moche capitol. Wandering amidst the tall brick walls of multicolored art and motifs of a civilization that flourished so many centuries before them, these artisans-in-training found inspiration for their own gourd designs.

Tomorrow, June 8th, will mark the end of a 6-day long exhibition for the gourds created by Ivan Cruz and his students. The sale of these local works of art will provide a sustainable source of income for the community of Huanchaco while simultaneously supporting the preservation of its cultural heritage.


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