SPI’s Artisanal Products Span the Globe!

An update from Solsire Cusicanqui, who leads our project at San Jose de Moro, Peru:

Last week, SPI and the company Tesoros (http://www.tesoros.com), led by Jonathan Williams and Kisla Jímenez, held a cocktail event to display the handcrafted products of San Jose de Moro’s artisans. The event brought together a diverse set of organizations, from The Field Museum in Chicago to Arcadia Homo to Poco a Poco Imports, among others.

Solsire Cusicanqui (far right) and representatives from various organizations take a look at replica ceramics made by local artisans in San Jose de Moro, Peru.

Representatives were greatly impressed by our artisans’ work, created in centers built with the help of SPI, finding both the work itself and what it supports appealing. While some lauded the fact that San Jose de Moro’s artisans work “with identity,” others noted the contribution the sale of such work makes: “By buying one of these products, you are not only helping the artisan, but also preserving the archaeological sites of Peru. This motivates us to work with them,” said Dawn Kikel of Arcadia Homo.

We’re looking forward to seeing the work of local artisans supported by SPI and its message of sustainable preservation continue to span the globe!


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