SPI Receives Grant from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru

SPI has received a grant totaling 10,000.00 Peruvian soles (approximately $3,711.00) from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru (PUCP), Peru’s most renowned university, for our current project in San José de Moro, Peru. This grant, from PUCP’s Department of Social Responsibility, will provide the project’s businesses and entrepreneurs with computers, further artisan training, and training in marketing and branding. The grant cited the project’s success to date, the potential for additional economic development in the town, and the potential for SPI’s paradigm to be replicated in other impoverished communities.

The new entrance to San Jose de Moro, painted with Moche motifs on the walls of schools and facing the Pan-American highway.

San José de Moro, the famous Moche and Lambayeque cemetery site, is the location of SPI’s first project as well as home to a small, impoverished, rural community of about 5,000 inhabitants in northernPeru. Here, we constructed an artisan training and tourist center, prepared a tourist guidebook, and provided training to almost 25 students. In just one year our project, for less than $40,000, created more than 20 construction jobs, 12 permanent jobs, and generated thousands of dollars in artisan sales for local residents. The project achieved economic sustainability and viability in its first year of operation. As a result, looting of the archaeological site has come to a halt.

We’re looking forward to the improvements that the PUCP grant will help us implement.


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