“People Not Stones” in Jordan: Sustainable Preservation Initiative’s Partnership with Tuck Global Consultancy

From South America to the Middle East: the Sustainable Preservation Initiative (SPI) is looking to extend its unique paradigm of preservation to Jordan! By empowering local communities to embrace their local cultural heritage as an economic asset, SPI simultaneously preserves endangered archaeological sites and transforms lives. It’s about people, not stones.

Recently, SPI announced its partnership with Tuck Global Consultancy (TGC), a program of international consulting services offered by the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, to investigate the feasibility of the SPI model at specific sites in Jordan. “The Global Consultancy started in 1997, 14 years ago. In that time, we have completed 155 consulting engagements for 95 clients. We’ve been in 50 countries, and to add another figure, we’ve been on 6 continents,” John Owens, Program Director said. TGC will carry out an on-the-ground market assessment of the proposed sites to determine the potential for SPI initiated or partnered eco-tourism at several sites in Jordan.

Potential sites to be considered include (but are not limited to): Tel Madaba, located in central Jordan near the modern town of Madaba (known for its sixth-century mosaic map of the Holy Land), an archaeological site with continual inhabitance down to the Bronze Age; Tel Dhiban, also in central Jordan, located just off the Desert Highway and minutes from the beautiful Wadi Muji; World Heritage site Umm el Rasas, known for its stunning floor mosaics in the Church of Saint Stephen; and Little Petra / Baida, a narrow canyon filled with tombs, triclinia, and cisterns and nearby Neolithic and later Islamic villages, just northwest of the monumental core of Petra proper. (The site of Petra was the capital of the ancient Nabateans and is most famous for its narrow gorge, the “Siq,” which leads into the ancient city and where a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed).

A team of second-year Tuck MBA students are carrying out the consulting project, led by Team Advisor John Vogel, T’61. Vogel has served on the Faculty of Tuck Business School since 1992 and has been named one of its “Outstanding Faculty” members by Business Week Guide. With an extensive consulting practice of his own, 20 years of experience on several non-profit boards, and author or co-author of over 100 Harvard Business School or Tuck case studies about real estate, non-profit management, or entrepreneurship in the social sector, Vogel brings a wealth of experience to the project. We look forward to collaborating with TGC to maximize the potential of SPI’s preservation model in Jordan!

For more on Tuck Global Consultancy, check out the video at the link below, which features a 2010-2011 project at Machu Picchu in Peru.


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